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Customized Medication to meet your unique needs!

Are you wondering what is compounding mean?

When a health needs of a patient can not be met by FDA approved or commericially available medications, licensed/trained pharmacist are able to combine, mix or alter the ingredients to create a customized medication/unique treatment to meet patient needs. Compunded medications are made based on doctor’s prescription which list exact ingredients, strengths and dosage forms. An example of compounded drug would be when patient has an corn allergy. Mostly, all form of medications contains some traces of corn, therefore compounding is the only way to get corn-free medications.

Our pharmacists are specifically trained and certified to offer a variety of dosage forms such as suspension, creams, ointment, troches, lollipops, suppositories, pain management, pediatric (tablet to liquid), dental, dermatology, foot care and pet medications. To learn about our ability to customize your medications, contact us today.

If you are a refering physician office, please contact our pharmacy and we can fax over our custom compounting request forms along with pricing. Instead of directing your patients to online or out of state compounding pharmacy, our local pharmacist can provide needed support, care and deliver compounded medications to patient’s home at no additional charge.