Great team came together to vaccinate 1000 norristown without the use of technology!

Norristown always extends our with love and appreciation! Great team came together to vaccinate ~1000 norristown and surrounding residents to first ever in norristown vaccine clinic without the use of technology! Our objective was to be accessible and simple process to get vaccines for those that don’t have computers! So many volunteers came forward to help. Councilman Hakim Jones helped guide residents into the facility! Judge Greg Scott helped with registration! ACLAMO Family Centers Nelly, CEO of Aclamo helped many residents get their vaccines in the car!

@Tony Barbato ran the whole show!

One of the RN volunteer quoted “This was the most organized and efficient clinic she has ever seen compared to county clinics and others…” It would have not been possible without everyone who dedicated their time! Thank you for your support and kindness! This is just a beginning…..more is coming soon!

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